BONUS FEATURE: There is plenty of support and training in the back end of this online business. However, families and individuals who join our organisation receive the huge bonus of mentoring support from Sally, a trained and experienced Coach & Change Facilitator.

While systems and product are an extremely important part of a successful and profitable business, your mindset is what separates you from the rest.

Here’s what some of Sally’s former Coaching Clients had to say about working with her:

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“I had the privilege of working with Sally this year. I had started a 12-week program with specific goals that I wanted to reach. Unfortunately, a few sessions in, I had a traumatic experience that sent me on a pit of depression. Sally was an integral part of my recovery. She worked with me through my dark times teaching me and helping me develop the tools I needed to cope and deal with my situation. I am eternally grateful that Sally was there to support me. Today, I still use the tools that Sally provided me when I am having a hard time. It was a lifetime gain. 

Sally always made me feel comfortable and confident to open up and share. Working with her has been a valuable investment in myself and I am very glad I signed up for it!


Luz Osorio

Head and Shoulders portrait of 4 Wing Headquarters Chief of Staff, Major Alana Cadieux, an Aerospace Controler (AEC) with 21 years of service, taken at 4 Wing Imaging, 15 January 2016.
Photo: Corporal I Thompson, Imagery Technician, 4 Wing Imaging, CFB Cold Lake, AB.

“The greatest breakthrough I had while working with Sally was that even though parts of my life were truly rocking independently, I humbly learned that until I take care of all parts of my life, I will not truly reach and sustain my empowered self, goals and dreams. Working with Sally is A LOT of work but she is able to gauge when you need compassion, when you need to be called out, and when you need a coach. She is only one person but able to be all of these-sometimes all in one session. Sally is able to draw your desires and dreams out of you and right before your very eyes helps you make a plan to achieve that dream. Her coaching and organizational skills are second to none. If you’re thinking about working with Sally, you will love it, however, when you are about to tackle this life changing event, you need to know that you are able to dedicate time to it to get the most out of the coaching and have support from your family and friends. Never in my life have I learned what I did with Sally as my coach and those learned skills I will be able to teach to my children. To sum up my time with Sally, it was challenging; successful; and she was my greatest cheerleader.”


Maj. Alana Cadieux
Canadian Armed Forces

Photo credit: 4 Wing Imaging


“Working with Sally has been instrumental in forwarding my game and career. Sally helps you break through the barriers that are holding you back in life and keeping you from achieving those giant goals you never thought possible. My greatest breakthrough while working with Sally was learning how to combat my anxiety that has been impeding my ability to perform at my highest level. I really liked her practical and direct approach, as well as the resources she provided. Her intensive coaching, targeted approach and dynamic skills set is unmatched. If you’re thinking about working with Sally, I would say, she is knowledgeable, professional and an expert in her field. I would not be on the career trajectory that I am, had I not chosen to work with her.”


Kat Neumann
Associate Financial Advisor


“It has been a pleasure to work with Sally Guest over the past six months.  Sally will help you craft the tools needed for prolonged success. She has been able to help me realize my actions and the effect of those actions in real time.  I understand now that it is not just about me and my self-doubt and ego.  She has guided me to understand that I need to settle for MORE…more out of myself and more out of the people I interact with on a daily basis.  Sally is a no-nonsense, straight shooting woman in which nothing will be sugar coated.  Get ready for reality; there is no bias, no fantasy.  You will work hard and accomplish more than you ever thought you could.  To sum up my experience with Sally: she is inspirational and my life has been transformed in a long-term sustainable way.”


Sean Ballard
Financial Trader

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Where do you even begin to thank someone for helping you unrecognisably transform your life?…Sally is knowledgeable, professional and highly intuitive – but her greatest gift was that she believed in me before I believed in myself. Being able to hold space for somebody and wait for them to step into their potential is WAY harder than it sounds, and I will be forever grateful for how exceptionally well Sally did that for me. When I see untapped potential in others… and a desire to unleash it… Sally is the coach I’ll be sending them to!”
Carolyn Coffin
Health Coach, Eat Real Food Academy


“If you’re considering working with Sally, here are my thoughts about my most recent coaching experience with her:

Having Sally Guest as my personal coach for 6-months was a transformative experience. For years I struggled to be consistent with my day-to-day business actions, my accounting and my finances; as much as I tried, time-and-time-again I’d never succeed. Through my work with Sally, I discovered aspects of myself that were severely undermining and sabotaging my effectiveness both personally and professionally, and began the process of addressing them.

Sally provided me with empowering tools and strategies to help me with planning and tracking key components of my business and shifting my mindset. When I was stuck, Sally provided the insight, encouragement and support I needed to move ahead. She also held me as capable every step of the way.

With Sally I had a knowledgeable sounding board to bounce ideas off of and provide me with insightful feedback. Each time Sally and I worked together, I was treated with respect and kindness.

I made concrete breakthroughs while working with Sally – she’s a game changer, my biggest fan and she’s committed to my success. If I describe working with Sally in three words: Effective, Committed, and Caring.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart Sally. You rock!”


Kristine Gravelle-Rystenbil
Scientific Hand Analyst, Purpose Mastery


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sally Guest in regards to a weight issue I have had since I had my two kids, they are now 10-14 so no more excuses! I have tried every diet known to man, it has been near impossible to shift my excess weight. Sally came to the rescue, her knowledge on how the body works on a holistic level just blew me away! She gave me complete confidence that the task ahead was obtainable and it has been. Just through being educated on how the body works I’ve had a complete lifestyle change. I have now effortlessly lost 8 kilos…on the road to 9 kilos!! My goal is 30 kilos and I know through Sally’s support I will achieve it!!…you have been there every step of the way Sally…..thank god for you!!”
Terry Connell
Real Estate Agent, Harcourts New Zealand


“I was lucky enough to be involved with two Women’s Wellness events that Sally organized. Both events were extremely well organized with every little thing thought of and every finer detail prepared. Sally is incredibly great at bringing people together and these events I was involved with just showcased what I believe Sally is destined to do.”
Nicola Smith
Personal Trainer, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Foreverfit

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“Great event, truly insightful. I left thinking more about how to approach my health from a totally different angle. Sally is truly passionate about her clients and seeing more people reach their full potential. I will definitely be back for her next event.”
Melissa Green
Director, Fire Up Marketing