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September 19, 2018

Do you Fear Becoming ‘Too Much’ for Your Friends & Family?

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“You will never regret stepping more fully into who you truly are” ~ Sally Guest

As part of our online business, I am a member of an amazing Mastermind Group with other successful and committed women entrepreneurs. These ladies are showing up and rocking it in their businesses on a daily basis. Not only is it truly inspiring to be surrounded by those who are out there, ‘doing it’ and creating the results that I aspire to; I am also learning so much about what’s necessary to truly succeed in the online space.

On a recent video call (we are based all over North America and meet on a bi-weekly basis), we were discussing the fears that we have overcome personally and professionally and challenges we are currently moving through right now.

One of the women shared that she fears becoming, “too bright and shiny” and that the people she loves’ and cares about might not be able to relate to her anymore, if she becomes, “too successful” or “too wealthy”. She acknowledged that it was an irrational fear (as most fears are), however, it is still a feeling that is present for her and holding her back to a certain degree.

We spent a little bit of time unpacking this limiting belief with her and in particular, what it would look like and feel like to be rejected because of who she has become.

The fact is (and you can quote me!), “you will never regret stepping more fully into who you truly are”.

As humans, we all experience rejection (or perceived rejection) many times throughout our lives. Where meaningful relationships come to an end because who we are or who we are becoming (as we evolve) is no longer palatable to the other person.

In my life, I’ve gone through many painful relationship breakups and I’ve been forced to walk away from close friendships due to clashes in values. Sometimes these endings are doubly painful because there are peripheral friendships and relationships that are also lost in the process.

I still remember breaking up with one particular ex-boyfriend, where I had invested significant time into cultivating good friendships with his social network. At the time, I was almost more worried about losing the group of friends than I was the actual relationship. Initially many of these people tried to stay in contact and include me. However, over time, the friendships waned because at the end of the day, they weren’t really my friends. They were loyal to him.

But guess what? As I changed and evolved following that relationship, I began to realise how right it had been to move on. I also recognised that I had zero regrets about losing the friendship of the group. The person I had become no longer related to those people in the way ‘old me’ had and I was able to build new, more meaningful and longer-term relationships in the ‘gap’ that had been created in my life.

The fact is, if someone can no longer handle who you are, because you have stepped more fully into the brightest, shiniest, wealthiest and most successful version of yourself, that’s on them. I can guarantee that while the transition away from the relationship may be somewhat painful, you will never ever regret becoming more authentic or more you.

Sure, there are friendships from my past that I thought were forever that ended up just being for a ‘season’ or a ‘reason’. However, what I like to focus on is the beautiful relationships that have endured in my life from less than 5 years of age. I love to be present to the amazing people in my life right now who have my back and support me, no matter what.

I am proud of the person I have become and am becoming; and if you are on a personal development journey, my wish is that you feel the same way about yourself too. ~ Sally G

Sally Guest is an online business mentor and change facilitator committed to helping women and their families create true time and financial freedom for what matters most to them. If you’re interested in creating residual income online through a powerful personal brand, discover how Sally n David are doing it, here.



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