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July 31, 2018


Website Show

40K+ IN 30 DAYS

Woah! $40k in 30 days… is that a typo!?

I have an admission to make. I am still to break the $70k PER YEAR mark. Not just as an entrepreneur but also as a lawyer.

So, when I saw some fellow coaches over in Bali announce that they had recently made $80k in 3 MONTHS, my interest was piqued (just a little!).

However, then my old conditioning around money came up and I thought to myself:

“Whatever they’re doing may be working for them, BUT it won’t work for me”; and
“They’re probably doing Multi-Level-Marketing BUT that’s definitely NOT for me”. Said with the greatest respect to my network marketing friends!

THEN, everything changed when I saw my friend Tammy Hume start making similar announcements. I know Tammy from the tight knit chiropractic community in New Zealand. She is an amazing Mum, chiropractor and coach. I have been hugely inspired by her own personal journey.

So, I reached out to her and asked what she’s up to…

You see, I have found it immensely challenging being an entrepreneur. Yes, the potential ‘time freedom’ is attractive. However, the financial roller coaster… not so much. I’ve enjoyed the highs of a $10k month and the lows of zero income for months on end.

My biggest ‘struggle’ (in the past!) has been creating a steady stream of ‘warm leads’. I’ve created e-Books, processes, exercises and free ‘breakthrough sessions’ as ‘lead magnets’. I’ve organised events. I’ve reinvented myself and my business so. many. times.

And while I’ve worked with (and continue to work with) some ah-mazing clients, there is no freedom for me in the hustle.

So, when Tammy told me that she:

~ Replaced hers and her husband’s chiropractic income in 4 months;
~ Had recently had a $40k+ month; and
~ Has made well over $100k in 6 months…

I was like, “I wanna bit of THAT!

I’m a big fan of learning from those who genuinely walk their talk and are actually achieving what I want to achieve. Which is why I signed up with Tammy has my Coach & Mentor.

The GREAT NEWS is, when I commit… I go ALL IN. So, my sole focus right now is creating a true freedom lifestyle for me and my family: Emotional, Physical and Lifestyle (Money & Time) Freedom, baby!

That includes launching my brand new FREE YOURSELF SHOW. Inspiring interviews with (mainly) Women in Progress who are living, walking and breathing a true Freedom Lifestyle.

I’m so excited, because Tammy was my first interview! She shares exactly what she’s done to claim true freedom in her own life, with ease and flow.

You DON’T need to be an entrepreneur or a coach to get a lot out of this show. All you need is to value freedom. Enjoy!

FREE YOURSELF – If not now… when!? ~ Sally G X

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